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Focusing on the strict regulation and high secure specificities of the gaming industry, Avalue has latest technology and know-how to develop and customize gaming solution to meet the requirement of features like exceptional 3D graphics performance, high secure and encryption capability, extended control and expansion interface, and professional software development.

Slot Machine/Casino
Touch Panel
For large-size and Multiple player gaming Table (8-12 users in average), it’s important and convenience to be designed with touch panel; not only for a stylish appearance, also provides players convenience when playing games. Avale provides high quality touch panels with features like, high luminance, high contrast ratio, wide view angle and nice color depth. In addition, by adopting new anti-abrasion technology, life cycle of the touch interface is extended.
Data protection is secured with functions of TPM, ibutton, Battery Back-up SRAM and the latest Trusted Execution Technology (TxT) integrated by the latest Intel Penryn Processor; the hardware RNG (Random Number Generator) is capable to initial a random and unpredictable sequence for both of avoiding cheating or for system security purpose.
Network Transmission
To connect and integrate data of the player bet, drawing machine/ball blowing machine, accountant system and server, a smooth and reliable network function is undoubtedly necessary. Avalue Products provides stable and fast dual LAN/Gigabit LAN for network transmission.