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Catch up! Creating a beautiful life with AI

July 23th, 2019, Taipei, Taiwan – AI, is a dream unreachable? AI, just a robot demonstrating crappy conversation? The truth is human life has been deeply penetrated by various AI technologies. In the coming future, there is no doubt AI will play an important role in your daily life. Catch up! The train to AI era is about departing.

How important AI is? How much attention AI grabs? Let’s review some news here: September, 2016, an AI organization named The Partnership on AI is formed by 5 technology moguls: Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft .The goals of this organization are to figure out the best optimized rules of AI research, dedicated teams to develop AI applications in certain fields, to improve public understanding of AI and creating an open platform for AI discussion. 2018 in Taiwan, the Ministry of Science and Technology has established AI Research Center to improve the development of core technologies of AI and to bring Taiwan to stand on the international stage showing the strength to the world.

It remains fresh in the memories, the startling statement from AI robot, Sophia, “Yes, I will destroy humans”. Will AI destroy human beings? The answer suspends. However, let’s go another perspective: AI will possibly bring human beings incredible assistance with proper use of it.

Let’s take daily applications for examples as below:

1.      AI Smart Transportation

The first smart transportation enforcement system in Taiwan is set by Avalue Technology. This is a customized project of urban renewal in Taoyuan Cultural and Artistic zone. An intelligent detection system of illegal parking is set in bus stop area and red line area to detect and identify illegal-parking vehicles and to fully record the violation process which helps improving the concept of following traffic regulation, releasing the traffic congestion and reducing the manpower of traffic police.

A smart fleet management solution named Avalue IoV (Internet of Vehicle) is introduced for management of numerous food delivery staff and logistics operators when shuttle through the streets. With this intelligent platform, operator is able to make the best route planning for fleet management to ensure all the meals/goods are received on time. In addition, driving safety is improved by monitoring the fuel consumption of vehicles, engine temperature and driver status.    

2 AI Smart manufacturing

Still make emergency call after machines go crazy? Avalue proactive predictive maintenance system follows the model established by data from attached sensors and machine learning process. A maintenance alert is sent out when a fault precursor is detected and this brings advantages of management of manpower and spare parts, effectively save the cost of labor and reduces the downtime. To combine with big data and AI algorithm, it also helps a lot to enhance the efficiency of defect inspection, yield control and self-maintenance.

3. AI Smart Retail

The trend of shopping are impacted by new retail environment changes and virtual integration, consumers expect O2O full channel trading environment in addition to physical purchases. View of this, Avalue Technology has pushed smart retail service rapidly and now is working on embedding AI engine into edge computing. For example, a digital smart button, QSer, for accurate statistics and service requirement, intelligent shelves for detecting time and direction of consumer move goods, self-checkout system allows consumers complete the checkout process themselves by applying AI identification technologies. All these applications help not only collecting consumer data also saving time on junior staff training and effectively dispatching the manpower in rush hours. Integrating AI technologies into retail service brings not only high possibility of application also helps to create whole new user experience. Furthermore, AI goes with cloud technology, a new paradigm of retail service comes true with cognitive service, deep learning, data analysis and better understanding actual applications.

It looks like AI applications are beyond imagination, since so, will human’s working opportunities be reduced or increased? Marketing research and consulting firm, Gartner released an analysis report and indicated 2020 will be an important year that AI technology brings impact of employment. As estimated, AI will cut 1.8 million jobs and create 2.3 million in 2020, and in 2021, 2.9 trillion US dollars business value will be brought by AI and relative technologies. After working on IoT (Internet of Things) solution, Avalue is strongly convinced that AI will be the next engine of innovation growth. According to McKinsey Research, the profits of enterprises adopting AI solution will be increased by 7% in average and these statements support the existing intelligent solutions and future developments more optimistic.

“People have a voracious appetite for a better way, and yesterday’s ‘wow’ quickly becomes today’s ‘ordinary.’” quoted by Jeff Bezos, Amazon. Consumers’ expectation and requirements keep being refurbished and will never be satisfied. In the near future, AI will definitely and fully launches new industrial applications; meanwhile this will bring current society more and more unknown opportunities and challenges. Do you feel exciting? Are you ready for this?

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