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Avalue Technology Launches Renity AIR, an Intelligent Retail Solution, Successfully Implemented in PÂTISSERIE Yoshinori Asami Cake Shop, Creating a New Milestone in AI Object Recognition

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, 10th August, 2023Avalue Technology Inc. (TAIEX: 3479-TW), a global industrial PC solution provider and a Titanium member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, endeavors to provide a complete range of smart retail, smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, smart transportation and embedded solutions. Avalue Technology has announced the launch of its latest smart retail solution - Renity AIR. This solution leverages AI object recognition technology to deliver greater efficiency and accuracy in merchandise management for retailers, taking the retail industry to new heights of efficiency and customer experience.


Pioneering AI Object Recognition Technology

As artificial intelligence technology continues to advance, more and more retailers are adopting AI to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience. Renity AIR was created as an intelligent retail solution to meet this demand. Through Renity AIR's technology, retailers can quickly and accurately identify products, reducing human error and improving the reliability of product recognition. Traditional retailers face manpower challenges due to constant retraining caused by employee turnover, resulting in high labor costs. By deploying Renity AIR, retailers can improve the efficiency and quality of merchandise management while significantly reducing the time and cost associated with staff training, thereby increasing performance and profits.


Cutting-edge AI technology for superior merchandise management efficiency

Developed by Avalue Technology, Renity AIR leverages cutting-edge AI edge computing and deep learning technology for AI image recognition to help businesses improve merchandise management efficiency, reduce manual inspection and training costs, and deliver a superior customer experience. Renity AIR's recognition speed is amazing, recognizing a loaf of bread in just one second with an accuracy rate of over 98%.


Customizable and easy-to-use

Renity AIR offers flexible hardware configuration options, allowing customers to select the most appropriate setup based on their terminal environment requirements, ensuring seamless integration into their operational processes. In addition, Renity AIR's training process is simple and convenient, requiring the upload of three images of recognized items from different angles. AI training is then performed on the cloud platform without the need for AI training experts, making it user-friendly and easy to use.


Successfully Implemented in PÂTISSERIE Yoshinori Asami Cake Shop, Tokyo

Recently, Renity AIR achieved great success at PÂTISSERIE Yoshinori Asami in Suginami, Tokyo, Japan. By deploying Renity AIR, the store dramatically reduced new employee training time from 30 days to just 7 days, while accelerating the customer checkout process from 20 seconds to 10 seconds. The store manager stated, "Renity AIR has made our employees more efficient, reduced error rates, and shortened customer wait times, resulting in overall customer satisfaction. In addition, the integration of Renity AIR's object recognition with the POS checkout system allows our staff to gain clearer insight into the sales performance of each item, enabling adjustments to production and procurement based on data and time hotspots, effectively reducing inventory and out-of-stock issues." Avalue Technology hopes that this successful implementation at PÂTISSERIE Yoshinori Asami will enable more retailers to understand the benefits of Renity AIR. Investing in AI technology has become a future trend, and Renity AIR will help retailers better respond to market challenges and provide customers with a higher quality merchandise management experience.


Seamlessly Integrate AI Object Recognition into Retail Operations

With easy integration and operation, Renity AIR seamlessly introduces AI object recognition to the retail industry. It can serve as a cashier assistant, reducing error rates, speeding checkout times, and minimizing staff training time while maintaining personalized customer service. It can also be integrated into self-checkout machines with AI object recognition, providing consumers with new checkout options and addressing labor shortages.


To learn more about Renity AIR, please visit the following links:

Official website: https://retail.avalue-solutions.com/en/56-RenityAIR

Solution Product Catalog: https://www.avalue.com.tw/upload/ecatalog/599207AIR-S.pdf

Solution Brief Video: https://youtu.be/ZmQwP7Z__6M

PÂTISSERIE Yoshinori Asami Success Story Video: https://youtu.be/bqWGjiANPk4


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