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Avalue Smart Ward – the Total Care Platform for Unimpeded Communication in Healthcare



As medical knowhow and experience increase by leaps and bounds, and modern medical technology allows testing, imaging, monitoring and precision instruments help doctors diagnose and treat patients more accurately, average life expectancy worldwide has risen, which leads to more elderly and chronically ill patients requiring care and hospitalization, and huge number of people waiting to be hospitalized. To ease healthcare manpower, and provide better quality hospital care for patients and their families, it is absolutely necessary for healthcare to become more service-oriented and high-tech. This concept is what is often referred to as smart healthcare or intelligentized healthcare. Through information and communication technologies, and data integration using the IoT architecture, a large healthcare platform is created for patients and healthcare personnel, medical facility and medical equipment to interact and connect with each other. The ultimate objective is to achieve synergy through a real-time interactive healthcare platform, improving the warmth, accuracy and thoughtfulness of healthcare service.


So how do we intelligentize the ward? And how far can intelligentization go? Each healthcare facility has its own take on smart healthcare and scale of intelligentization. In the past, intelligentization has focused on healthcare professionals but Avalue believes that only by being patient-centric can patients receive real and complete healthcare. With more patients than there are healthcare resources, healthcare workers struggle to manage their workload and take care of patients. Therefore, the immediate task is to initiate a patient-centric tripartite interactive network between doctors, nurses and patients, collect patients’ bedside data in real time, and synchronize and integrate the medical/healthcare system platform. With improved efficiency and management, and reduced demand for healthcare manpower, healthcare workers do not need to make frequent ward rounds and spend time handling trivial administrative tasks, freeing up their time to pay more attention to caring for their patients, and improving total care for hospitalized patients.


With the Avalue smart ward solution, the backend system immediately activates the workflow once a patient is hospitalized. Once the patient arrives in the ward, all of his/her information will be synchronized in the room status display, E Ink bedside card and bedside terminal, enabling reduction in management cost and ensuring information accuracy and security. The Avalue bedside terminal (Remedi Medix Care Solution) is the soul of the smart ward. A patient-centric platform that integrates hardware and software, the bedside terminal connects the nursing station to doctors, nurses and patients, simplifying the healthcare workflow, allowing patients to convey their needs to the healthcare team quickly and for healthcare workers to speed up their response through the system’s work division. Certified through the Intel IoT RFP Ready Kit, the Avalue Remedi Medix Care Solution effectively resolves issues in the smart healthcare market. Integrating hardware and software, and providing technical support, the Avalue bedside terminal is also flexible and scalable with options to work with other kits to build a smart ward.


Besides the bedside terminal, Avalue advocates eco-friendly hospital wards that are free from artificial light with the use of the E Ink series – E Ink bedside card and mega-size display board. The question most people ask is, why switch to the high-price e-paper when machines with flat panel display can also display images or have similar functions? An important concept is the issue of sustainability. In light of limited energy and resources, and increasing environmental awareness, e-paper solutions are often widely used in smart cities, smart buildings and smart education. In fact, digital paper is the new epitome of communication for the future. Electronic paper has innumerable advantages; for instance, it is light, thin and power-saving, images can be temporarily stored, content can be updated in real-time, and it is highly customizable. It is suitable for use anywhere, especially for medical information which requires high accuracy and for efficiency-driven hospitals. Other advantages of e-paper include, high readability, reduced eye strain, mimics the way paper content is read without disturbing patients, easy installation, high reproducibility and benefits are reaped without needing major ward revamp.


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Avalue Smart Healthcare Solution - smart ward and nursing station: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO045BwqwWI&t=11s

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