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Avalue OPC-15W6 – Enjoy Multi-Touch on a 15.6” screen with powerful Intel Core-i7/i3 Processor

Avalue OPC-15W6 – Enjoy Multi-Touch on a 15.6” screen with powerful Intel Core-i7/i3 Processor

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, July 10th, 2012 – Avalue Technology Inc. (TAIEX: 3479-TW), the global Embedded Solution provider, is proudly unveiling the new OPC-15W6. Avalue OPC-15W6 is an all-in-one open frame module, targeting self-service, Point of Information (POI) and Digital Signage markets.


Market Trends – Touch and Gesture User Interface
As smart phone shipments grow from 200 millions in 2009 to 480 millions in 2012, and tablet shipments reaching an estimate of 145 millions in 2012. People have blended with touch and gesture, commonly seen in smart phone and tablets, as ways to interact with their surrounding devices, such as self-service kiosk, point of information (POI), and digital signage. In order to meet the expectations from users who are now used to touch and gesture in interactive environments, the system integrators in the market should quickly adopt devices that support these advanced technologies.


OPC-15W6 is the One
Avalue OPC-15W6 is the one designed to meet these expectations for the current popular touch and gesture UI applications. Adopting 15.6" wide screen, powered by the 2nd generation Intel® Core® i7/i3 processors, and projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen. OPC-15W6 allows system integrators and software developers to design more intuitive touch and gesture applications. Moreover, system is designed completely fanless, and is the ideal and reliable solution to self-service kiosk, point of information (POI), and HMI applications. The capability of OPC-15W6, together with touch and gesture UI design applications, can greatly meet people’s expectations in the way they want to interact with self-service devices.


OPC-15W6 features:

  • Open frame design
  • 15.6” 1920 x 1080 Full HD TFT-LCD Display
  • Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Multi-Touch Panel
  • Intel® Core-i7, Core-i3 and Celeron Processors
  • Intel® QM67 Chipsets
  • Fanless System


For more Avalue OPC-15W6 product information, please visit Avalue website at www.avalue.com.tw or contact with sales@avalue.com.tw for more details.


About Avalue Technology
Avalue Technology (TAIEX: 3479-TW) is a professional industrial computer manufacturing company, which is dedicated to developing the x86 architecture products, including embedded computers, single board computers (SBC), Systems-on-Modules/ ETX (SoM/ ETX), industrial motherboards, all-purpose panel PCs, and barebone products, etc. Having expanded, Avalue offers its expertise on PCB/ Assembly/ BIOS version control and after-sales all type of services. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company; Avalue offers assurance to customers in every aspect of its business. With its headquarter located in Taiwan, Avalue has global subsidiary company, including offices in Shanghai, New Jersey, California,Tokyo, and Denmark. In addition, Avalue Technology operates an extensive distribution network to accommodate and serve customers all over the world.


Media Contact:
Email: pr@avalue.com.tw






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