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Avalue Industrial Panel PCs Support Intel® Atom™ D525 Dual Core Processors

Avalue Industrial Panel PCs Support Intel® Atom™ D525 Dual Core Processors

Taipei, August 30, 2010

Avalue Technology presents many series of Panel PCs aimed for versatile applications such as industrial, commercial, in-vehicle, home automation, and medical. Now some of them are embedded with the latest Intel® Atom™ D525 dual core processors, including LPC Industrial HMI Series, MPC Interactive Digital Signage Series, FPC Infotainment Platform Series, and PPC Economical E-Service Platform Series. The two-chip solution makes Avalue’s Panel PCs slimmer, broader, better performance per watt and more money efficient.

According to different customers’ requests for applications, Avalue designed and developed diversified Panel PC products in all aspects of functionality, mechanism and appearance, moreover integrated up-to-date technology like wireless, graphics effect display, (multi-) touch screen, or specific user interface, etc. to answer demands from Panel PC markets. What is more, Avalue also brings the benefits to satisfy those who ask for ruggedized specifications. Avalue’s rugged Panel PCs passed the strict safety examines. Systems are able to maintain running steadily and stably under extreme situations, such as severe vibration or sudden attack; meet with the IP-65 splash-proof and dust-proof standard for most of front panels. LPC-Series even reach a high level of full IP-65 for entire machine.

The flexibility of modular concept with which Avalue’s customers are already familiar not only facilitates product’s expandability, but also prolongs product’s life cycle more than general consumer Panel Computers. The flexibility also enables customers to make choices on their own.

Especially equipped with the new Intel® Atom™ D525 1.8G dual core processing technology, Avalue can be more advanced to consolidate its Panel PCs in performance, power efficiency, and space-saving factors. Thanks to Intel® Atom™ dual core processors bring the memory controllers and graphics cores on a CPU, which raises the efficiency of space usage and power management including wide voltage support and over current/surge protection, and lowers TDP as much as possible, making products more green and low carbon. All in all, the adoption of Intel® Atom™ dual core platforms will deliver better performance, more compact, fanless and super low power to a Panel PC.

Avalue’s Panel PCs have been conducted by the latest Intel® Atom™ D525 1.8G processor. The products currently include:

  • LPC Industrial HMI Series, the module numbers are LPC-1005 / 1205 / 1505
  • FPC Infotainment Platform Series, the module numbers are FPC-08W05 / 10W05 / 17W05
  • MPC Interactive Digital Signage Series, the module numbers are MPC-10W5 / 21W5 / 42W5 (coming soon in Dec. 2010)
  • PPC Economical E-Service Platform Series, the module numbers are PPC-1505 / 1705 / 18W05 / 22W05

More product information, please visit our website at www.avalue.com.tw, or contact with sales@avalue.com.tw

About Avalue Technology
Avalue Technology (TAIEX: 3479) is a professional industrial computer manufacturing company, which is dedicated to developing the x86 and RISC architecture products, including embedded computers, single board computers (SBC), Systems-on-Modules / ETX (SoM / ETX), industrial motherboards, all-purpose tablet PCs, and barebone products, etc. Having expanded, Avalue offers its expertise on PCB / Assembly / BIOS version control and after-sales all type of services. An ISO-9001 certified company, Avalue Technology offers assurance to customers in every aspect of its business. With its headquarter located in Taiwan, Avalue has global branch offices, including one in Shanghai to handle the local market and two in the United States, New Jersey and California. In addition, Avalue Technology operates an extensive distribution network to accommodate and serve customers all over the world.

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