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AIoT intelligent traffic management eases city traffic congestion

June 23th, 2020, Taipei, Taiwan It is not difficult to imagine the state of traffic flow during peak hours in a city, and increased traffic accidents also indirectly result in more social costs. Over 70% of the population is projected to congregate in cities in the future but transportation infrastructure will not see an equal proportionate increase. Solving traffic congestion and improving transportation quality given such infrastructure limitation will be the most important objective in managing city traffic. Having completed its road safety artificial intelligence solution for Taoyuan City, Avalue Technology has since collaborated with many partners to develop AIoT dynamic traffic management solution.

 Implementing IoT to monitor and control signaling equipment at 25 road junctions in Xinyi, Nangang and Songshan Districts in Taipei City, and using artificial intelligence combined with dynamic signal control system supported by Intel® Distribution of OpenVINOTM toolkit, area-specific traffic condition at each moment in time is managed through real-time and appropriate control logic based on data analysis of traffic flow, vehicle type and model, traffic direction, road occupancy rate, yellow light hesitation distance and human flow, etc. at major intersections and connected junctions. As traffic signals at each intersection affect traffic orderliness in an entire city, Avalue intelligent dynamic traffic management solution helps to optimize traffic flow and ensures a safer and smoother driving experience.

Traffic signal controller monitoring and reduce costs of human patrols

Traffic signal controller used to be monitored and controlled through regular patrols, or nearby residents would report on any problem with the signal controller, and the relevant authority will arrange for repairs. Thus, tremendous time and cost is spent from the point a problem occurs to the time the equipment is repaired. Currently, Avalue uses micro current sensors and IoT applications to give administrator remote control over outdoor signal controller. Not only does this reduces the costs of human patrols but also effectively reduces repair and maintenance time, improving traffic service quality.

Quantitative analysis provides real-time traffic information

Microcomputer is traditionally used in traffic signal control. Currently, computing service is not provided in the city, and labor-intensive quantitative computing of historical data was previously outsourced to research institutions. Not only was traffic data unverifiable, there was also a lack of real-time traffic flow data. Using Intel® Distribution of OpenVINOTM and Apollo Lake industrial computer, Avalue processes real-time road traffic data at the “edge”, meeting the need for data accuracy and timeliness, and cutting down 85% of network cost required to transmit back immensely large amount of image data.

Smart dynamic signal control eases traffic congestion

The most suitable control logic targeted at area-specific traffic condition is provided through statistical analysis of vehicle flow and human flow based on big data analytics. A timing plan best suited to real-time traffic conditions is also selected after comparison with the TOD rule in execution. The adjusted timing plan is expected to increase traffic flow, and reduce traffic congestion and traveling time. Currently, Avalue’s solution enables 10%~15% reduction in traffic congestion during peak hours.

Highly stable industrial computers ensure uninterrupted traffic service

More often than not, traffic system is installed in harsh environment conditions. Avalue’s industrial computers are fully adaptable to complex outdoor application environments, including wide temperature range and high humidity, ensuring uninterrupted traffic service by providing stable operations for prolonged period of time in a harsh environment.

Under the auspices of the Industrial Development Bureau’s smart city plan, Avalue has introduced complete sets of intelligent traffic solution, including AI smart intersections, public bus driving monitoring, emergency signal management system, traffic flow analysis, traffic controller monitoring and dynamic traffic control system, to both Taoyuan City and Taipei City. In the future, Avalue will work with the new southbound policy, continue to integrate existing technologies and promote area-specific solutions, and compete for more opportunities in extending the intelligent traffic system.


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