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Smart Healthcare

Enabling digital healthcare with Avalue advance medical solution from large imaging system to mobile device.
Smart Healthcare
Enabling smart healthcare with Avalue intelligent healthcare solutions
from high end imaging, mobility to digital hospital
Medical Equipment
Avalue has the expertise group and project management group for ODM projects, such as PSM team, PM team, and KAM team.

Customization Procedure
Stage 1: ODM Contract and Specification Avalue will present customer with the following upon customer’s Spec.
Stage 2: ID Design and Proof of Concept Customer owns Industrial Design, and 2 to 4 weeks lead-time
Stage 3: Circuit and Mechanical Design Mockup sample available to proof concept, and 10 to 12 weeks lead-time
Stage 4: Tooling and Tune Up Transparence tooling charge, and 6 to 8 weeks lead-time
Stage 5: Design Verification Test Avalue will perform following tests: CE/FCC, Avalue DVT test, Vibration/Drop test
Stage 6: Pilot Run A small scale pilot run (50~100 units), and 8 to 10 weeks lead-time
Stage 7: Mass Production Flexible production scale from as small as 200 units per lot up to 10,000 units per month, and ISO-9001 quality assurance.
Point Of Care
Avalue has dedicated in healthcare industry many years. Our products include bedside terminal, medical arms, nursing carts and so on. We also have multiple healthcare partners such as Remedi and Bytec.
Medical Imaging
Avalue holds the control from the design of manufacturing the controller boards and display units for a specific application. Also, we have cooperated with Goomedi which is a professional medical display company. Our strategy is transparent, friendly and reliable. Our medical displays have high resolution, color calibration, and high brightness.
Medical Tablets
Xplore/Motion has been a rugged tablet industry pioneer for 20 years. Xplore’s full range of rugged, fully rugged and ultra-rugged tablet PCs are purpose-built to serve the rugged tablet requirements. Avalue as Xplore’s professional distributor for several years, and we provide our best tech supports in your region or country.
C5 Rugged Platform
The C5m is rated for disinfection protocols used in healthcare settings. Its rugged design and light weight combined with a high resolution View Anywhere Display, durable Corning Gorilla Glass, and touch and pen input, make it ideally suited for modern workflows both indoors and out.
F5 Rugged Platform
The F5m rugged mobile series delivers high-end processing power in an ergonomic and ruggedized package. The rugged tablets’ 5th Gen Intel Core processors, Intel i7 vPro processor, provide the power to quickly move through computation-intensive applications.
Fitness Equipment
The purpose of smart fitness solution is to create a better workout environment and to provide a high-quality workout experience to customers. Avalue Fitness Console Systems provides customized fitness equipment and offers Multi OS Supported, TV tuner, the internet, interactive course, app compatibility, asset management and IoT connectivity services.
Medical Tablets
As healthcare needs continue to rise, hospitals are striving to improve patient care and utilize the latest innovation in medical equipment. Avalue keeps on developing the digital healthcare solutions and focuses on working with solutions partners. Avalue offers a variety of innovative solutions to meet the unique demands of a healthcare facility. Learn more about some of Avalue’s healthcare solutions below:
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