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Diagnosis Assistant

Avalue delivers ideal embedded boards and systems for medical solution and has long been providing successful solutions for bedside information, communication, entertainment terminals and mobile medical carts. Accommodating the needs of health care professionals and patients has become a significant factor in improving healthcare performance, environment and evaluations. Avalue’s products adhere to the strictest medical standards and provide unsurpassed reliabilty.

Video Performance/ High Resolution Display
MTP Series equipped a high quality display: 17” SXGA, 1280*1024 resolution, 300-nits brightness (350 nits/500 nits by models). As a diagnosis assistant, MTP series is helpful when doctors explain the prescription and patients’ condition with showing clear pictures, X-ray film or pathologic photos, for instance, on the screen.
Speedy Network Transmission for Data Exchange
MTP series equipped with gigabit Ethernet for high speed data transmission. Doctors could immediately import patients’ records while diagnosing and research relevant information by accessing HIS (hospital information system). Wireless LAN (WiFi or Bluetooth) is also available if users want to get rid of the annoying LAN cable.