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Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) benefit travelers and providers alike, enabling better management decisions and improving the travel experience by making safer and smarter use of rugged technologies. Therefore, the rugged embedded systems for ITS often equal to challenging environmental condition.
The operating environments are often extreme and reliability is at the top of most lists of requirements. To meet the ever complicated demands, a more integrated system with high degree of modular flexibility and scalability is required to integrate train-and-ground communication, air conditioning, door sensing/warning, passenger information system, and also surveillance and infotainment.
For more than 15 years, Avalue has offered the versatile transportation solutions to complex issues in high performance data processing and extreme environmental communications. Avalue delivers transportation computers and customized solutions for vehicle, metro/train, marine and other related logistic industries. Main features include:
Main features
  • Compact Design Space is usually very limited in vehicles; therefore the size of the system becomes particularly essential especially when the system is going to be mounted in the vehicle. Numbers of applications are very space limited, especially if the computer is mounted within a vehicle, so the system size must be considerate.
  • Power Management Since the power of the system is provided by the vehicle, power management becomes an important issue as to control the on/off mode and delay time of the system in order to not only protect the data collected but also the assets.
  • Rugged – Vibration & Shock The ability to resist vibration and shock plays an important role over a range of environments. Our in-vehicle computers have passed MIL-STD-810G and are proven to have high reliability even in applications that are prone to shock and vibration.
  • Wide Voltage Input Our wide voltage power input solution supports a stable+9~+36V wide voltage input and is designed to protect the device from overload short circuits.
  • Low Power Consumption To transportation market, in-vehicle computers’ thermal issues have always been a challenge. Nonetheless, Avalue is able to offer in-vehicle systems that integrate high performance and operating temperature for widely deployed in various environments.
  • User-Centered Design Front accessible drive bay and service windows provide users with the ease to maintain and repair the system as well as change mini PCIe card, CAN module, DRAM and storage.
  • I/O Interface
    • Support High isolation up to 5K Vrms
    • According to application needs or budget control, users can choose different I/O combination among IET modules.
    • Design with CAN Bus, the international protocol for data communication between in-vehicle computer, cars and devices.
diagram-its-award Avalue’s Vehicle Computer VMS-BYT is honored with Taiwan Excellence Award 2014., VMS-BYT is a real rugged system with increased system stability and environmental tolerance. Focusing on fleet telematics, passenger infotainment, and in-vehicle surveillance onboard of commuter shuttles, long distance coaches, and vehicle fleets applications. We will develop further reliable vehicle solutions to meet the demands.
  • Passenger Information System
  • Emergency Alarm System
  • GPS Location-Based Service
  • Driver Advisory System
  • Video Surveillance
  • Asset Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Network End Point Communication
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